01 The Write Elements: July 2010

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sweet and Deadly by Charlaine Harris

Image from Shelfari

To be honest, I did go in with an optimistic view, don't get me wrong I love her work. But it's something, maybe in the plot, that I just didn't quite take a fancy to. Perhaps I'm skewed to reading about the paranormal world which first introduced me to her writing (the Sookie Stackhouse series). Like I said, open-mind. Most of it was forgettable, sad to say. The characters and even what happened in the beginning of the book is all foggy to me. If I recall it enough, there's something about a dilapidated house (picture..) and the main character walking through the door only to find .... ??? (see my point!) And then something about a chopping block and a whole swarm of flies. Merit: the book's descriptions here and there were vivid, especially about the crime.
So, unfortunately, I didn't even have the want to finish the story, though I usually continue to the end (in case I miss out some merit points). Against every fibre of my being (v. exaggerated, I know) I put it through the book drop. I'm used to a grin on my face when I finish one of Miss Harris's books - just not this time.