01 The Write Elements: August 2012

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

TIMELESS by Michelle Madow (cover revealed)

TIMELESS cover revealed!

I decided to write in purple in lieu with the cover's undertones. 

Unfortunately although I did truly love the look of the first two books, considering how mysterious they were, this cover is a bit of a letdown. Maybe it's the lighting in the book or in my room but I don't feel like the dress flatters her. The mask idea is brilliant, and now revealing a face, isn't all that bad. Although I wish they had her face still in the shadows, possibly a distinct feature peaking out a little (since there always seems to be one, be it an odd-coloured eye or a set of pearly-whites). The moon is beautiful and resplendent. But... she doesn't look all that shocked. Or should she be? A bite of the lip would have been more interesting.
Having had an almost ambivalent war with myself, all in all, it's what is inside the book that counts. (And I do apologise, since the author designed the cover herself, it took effort) However, I'm definitely going to pick it up! 

[Now let me attempt to do this] 
If you haven't read the book like me, you could always purchase the e-books from any of the usual stores :) 
Although let's all try to do the paperback way (I don't want it to die out)

Anyhow, at Michelle Madow's blog


She will be giving away an awesome prize pack: 

" A signed copy of Remembrance, a signed copy of Vengeance, a signed copy of Timeless (to be sent after Timeless releases), three signed Remembrance bookmarks, a mask that looks like the one on the cover of Remembrance, and a mention in the acknowledgments section of Timeless. The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!"
(focus on that word! Haha.)

  I personally hope to win ;P