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Monday, 26 November 2012

I Know What You Did Last Wednesday by Anthony Horowitz

Well the first thing that came to mind was how the sword on the cover was sticking out in all the most.... wrong place - ever.

It was honestly seemingly unsuspecting, unexpected as the beginning continued. Tim was being Tim, i.e. Simple. (Snicker. How was I to know that his real name fit so perfectly?)

And then it simply spiralled down from there. It's not my first time with the idea of going to an island for a gruesome tale, I'm just shocked because it's the first and only children's book I know that had this awful scene! First I read was Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" {Yes, she was obviously mentioned in the book} And even though it seemed like a copy it was harder to read this because the deaths seemed to happen so quick I had to re-read the horrific happenings because I by-passed it so fast the first time! My gosh!

I started to question things and my brain worked as fast to read the book to see Nick's train of thought, more or less on par with mine.

Even if there were slight misses I didn't catch, like floating... ugh or leaves being in a certain area, I still caught the killer (no spoiling since it Is a children's book; there must be someone put to justice) at the same time Nick did.
Just minus the questions of why no one looked for a surveillance room for their security cameras. Beats me but it brought more excitement and unfortunately could have resulted in lesser deaths.

Icky as much as Agatha Christie's but with a clear motive this time so it's easier but, like I said, more troubling to read.

Let's say I'll never EVER try this book at the dead of night EVER again. Well............. Third time's the charm. *shudder*
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Greek who Stole Christmas by Anthony Horowitz

The Greek Who Stole Christmas is a short Diamond brothers story by Anthony Horowitz. The brothers are broke and are more than a little hilarious. This is the first time I've read the series but it's been said they're always on the verge, or have gone off the edge, of penny pinching.

I absolutely love Nick, and not only because he's the smarter and wittier one, and the actual detective of the two. He probably knows how to tie his own shoes better than his older brother, Tim, the one with the Name of detective but a brain needing to be detected, still. (Just a little joke)
I thought perhaps it would be like the Hardy boys but it's nothing like them. Well, consider how only one thinks and the same one is only 14. Big feats for a little guy.

I enjoyed the story through Nick's view. But I have to say I really can't stand Tim, and neither could the other characters in the novel, from the touchy police to the "big star" Minerva. And of course this woman had to be blonde. Second Minerva I've come across that has a heart nothing like her beauty (this one is painfully obvious but I could be bias for the other series Artemis Fowl).

Back to Tim, I figure most kids will find his antics ridiculous and therefore funny, but my brain works of a slightly different level (perhaps 2-3 years older than a 10 year old reading this. *snicker* ~ I'm not that young either).

The story was not as complicated, since it really was a kids story. But it was still affective.
And I'm sure my love for Nick will grow as I read the second book I have of them. And perhaps, go against my nature and actually find the first book of the series.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Stickman Odyssey: an epic doodle BOOK ONE by Christopher Ford

I know Greek stories aren't meant to be funny but I believe the story was told that way to appeal to those who wouldn't even look once at a Greek anything but will look twice at a stick doodle. I do both, so I absolutely had to swipe this book. And I really can't wait for the next one!

Some lines were pretty good! I even posted pictures. It was the usual journey and Christopher had some facts from the actual epic odyssey in his epic doodle, for example the crew stuffing their ears with wax, although in an entirely different context.

It was definitely appealing. The hero suffered hubris (Greek for "pride [like it comes before the fall]") obviously. And he had to ask for help so overcame his blatant stubbornness that he could do it all on his own. Of course, in doodle form it doesn't seem so extreme but it still is, in its own way.

I applaud the author trying to work his way around making a story that would grab anyone's attention - drawing 4 lines and a circle isn't all that easy especially with what 'lacked' had to be made up for by wit.

Basically, it was a lot of fun. Like I said, bring on book two! :)

Scream Street #12 Secret of the Changeling

So here's book 12!

The story has them travelling to the fairy realm this time. But I'm ahead of myself.

The beginning was filled with more than one shock to the heroes, from a shrieking banshee to a shape-shifting baby named Ditto (coincidentally - and please forgive me here - it is exactly the Pokemon show reference here - with an exact definition).

There's action everywhere you look and even more so in the desolate, puffy, sparkly, woodland creature laden forest of the fairy realm which I started the post off with in the first place.

Yes, I said desolate. The place is completely empty thanks to the deranged but beautiful (isn't it always like this?) Crimson Queen *no hint intended*. Characters that are almost out of the Grimm's evil stepparents's fairy tale books run the joint, from Skinderella to Snow Fright and her Seven Ninja Dwarves, and yes there is obviously Ghouldilocks with her three Scares.

It was actually more fun to see the characters being like the evil beings themselves than being rescued and reduced to damsels, Although Red Riding Blood did- oops. Retract that! ;)

She does deserve mention, the Crimson Queen, being able to wile her way into the kind heart of a certain vampire.

Anyways, if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, come and follow the gang on their adventure to this fluffy fluffy urban area where you're guaranteed a mystical time, and Bring Your Own Mirrors! :)

Scream Street #11 Hunger of the Yeti

Let's dive into the world of the strange and unknown.... more specifically, Resus's cape! Muahahaha sigh~

The three protagonists Luke, Resus and Cleo are on their way to the nice snowy mountain tops - where the air is always stifling and the view is immaculately, albeit If you can see past your face covered by snowballs - to return the tongue (yes, a tongue. And he Does try to talk, not that I have any clue what it was) of a zombie soothsayer to diminish the portal.

This is their third last and with a raving success but of course there's nothing to celebrate.

Soon they are met with more challenges that I found more than hilarious. I nearly forgot how much I love Resus. He's a totally fun character that's literally shrouded in, or rather with a cape, of mystery.

Tommy was able to plant small things in the beginning of the story that linked in very nicely throughout the book as it continued.

*spoiler alert* It was fun to see how some characters , the adults, were like in their early years. If you catch my drift.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I couldn't put it down. Thankfully I had #12 right next to me!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Rotten Apple Book - Mean Ghouls by Stacia Deutsch

Never in my life have I picked up a zom-b story and I was surprised this one peeked my interest enough.

Believe me, my thoughts on them haven't changed. They're icky to the core but I suppose a more junior book will make the yuck factor turn more humorous. I even took to the character Sam, who's digits would fall off on more than one occasion.

I don't know if I would say the storyline was obvious. Of course the main character who discovered she has "zombitus" wouldn't want it AT ALL, mind you, and that's when my somewhat surprise comes in. She was completely resistant to change and she just wanted to return home. And I totally get that.

But there were times when are implacable yet understandable behaviour would hurt her friends and i found the attitude stinking (no pun intended). Then again, she is like twelve; plus it was brilliantly conveyed and if I got irritated, bravo to Miss Deutsch (I even remember how to spell it after seeing it only once. No zombitus here!)

Characters - there must be conflict and the personality types are what's to be expected if you make them clash.

all in all, I was thoroughly amused by this book and Megan's attempt at Nancy Drew-ing. I just wish the ending wasn't as predictable as it usually plays out. It's neither new nor old. At least the author made the mood way lighter, a discerning contrast from the moodiness and stubbornness of... Well, you'll just have to read it.

Interesting book for Halloween, which is when I had intended to read it, but I was pulled away by the oogly-boogly arms of the exams. Which are now over *insert thousand watt smile here*

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

TIMELESS by Michelle Madow (cover revealed)

TIMELESS cover revealed!

I decided to write in purple in lieu with the cover's undertones. 

Unfortunately although I did truly love the look of the first two books, considering how mysterious they were, this cover is a bit of a letdown. Maybe it's the lighting in the book or in my room but I don't feel like the dress flatters her. The mask idea is brilliant, and now revealing a face, isn't all that bad. Although I wish they had her face still in the shadows, possibly a distinct feature peaking out a little (since there always seems to be one, be it an odd-coloured eye or a set of pearly-whites). The moon is beautiful and resplendent. But... she doesn't look all that shocked. Or should she be? A bite of the lip would have been more interesting.
Having had an almost ambivalent war with myself, all in all, it's what is inside the book that counts. (And I do apologise, since the author designed the cover herself, it took effort) However, I'm definitely going to pick it up! 

[Now let me attempt to do this] 
If you haven't read the book like me, you could always purchase the e-books from any of the usual stores :) 
Although let's all try to do the paperback way (I don't want it to die out)

Anyhow, at Michelle Madow's blog


She will be giving away an awesome prize pack: 

" A signed copy of Remembrance, a signed copy of Vengeance, a signed copy of Timeless (to be sent after Timeless releases), three signed Remembrance bookmarks, a mask that looks like the one on the cover of Remembrance, and a mention in the acknowledgments section of Timeless. The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!"
(focus on that word! Haha.)

  I personally hope to win ;P

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mishap by Mediacorp (London Olympics 2012)

Watch the video and see (and NOT hear) what my mom and I spotted about the opening I taped. Mind you, they mentioned from Rowin Akinson to the athletes to the Queen but missing out a - or The most - key player!

(9:56 PM)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Reviewed - The Hardy Boys undercover brothers Casefiles > Darkness Falls

I've said it once and I'm saying it again. I love these brothers, honestly! And this time they get to go to the island paradise Hawaii to experience a total solar eclipse, and to test a theory of an exploded planet. How cool is that! 
Unfortunately, "darkness falls" [love that title!] when unseen danger creeps up and the Hardy boys are the ones that find themselves once again in the centre of brutal murder. 
[some creative licensing with the summary]
At every turn there seemed to be something totally unexpected happening, and I do mean it literally too. The whole book had my heart racing. I just couldn't put it down. I felt that there were so many twists (and surprising things happening) that it was like a paper pretzel. 
After the book I swear I had the chills. I was looking at the dark with a new perspective. Who knows what might choose to disappear and reappear (only to be captured on tape ;))

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Nick Arnold
Illustrated by Tony de Saulles

Although with my age and experience (and a few science classes) I knew whatever I had to know about the mystery of electricity, I never really realised how interesting a book with vivid descriptions and graphics could make it. I grew up with a lot of books and Horrible Science can be considered one of them. Of course at this mature age I’m able to appreciate the complexities of having delve into the genius inventor’s psyche and write about what was happening in, oh say, 1706~

Yes, I’m talking about Benjamin Franklin. I took a picture of the liable-to-crumble-into-a-thousand-pieces-if-blown-on St. Petersburg Times where it mentions Georg Richman (another man sparked with the interest on experimenting with electricity – a little faster than Franklin, so Franklin could learn from the former) I especially love the bottom left column/quote  

[Picture was to the best of my amateurish capability, please be kind and figure out some words] 

All in all, the facts are straight so, totally recommended for children of any age especially if they're interested in an alternative textbook (although the normal one is the best - drab, dry, *yawn*) 

Be on the lookout for Horrible History and Horrible Geography too. They'll rock your world :P

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer #2

25th March 2012

The day is coming closer and closer to when the whole world will watch Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire... and I'm one of them! Can't wait XD

I explicitly made sure to clear my schedule for that day! How about you? :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I don't know what time she's home but I'm hoping she likes my surprise. Most obviously she knows I'm gonna get her a chocolate cake but this isn't that. Haha.

6 baby scones (didn't look too good as a 'heart' alone but the raspberry jam helped the outline)
chocolate mouse


Monday, 16 January 2012

A twitter post - Colours from Capitol! (Hunger Games nail polish)

I found it amusing before when I saw that "The Muppets" had their own colours for a brand of nail polish, but the colours weren't extensive which was a letdown.
Of course it's even better to see an acclaimed book going into something most girls love! Since the book is a little gory why not bring some femininity to it! (*spoiler* minus the intimate scenes with Katniss and Peeta :P)
Personally I think I'd go for Like and Lush (when you head into the website the colour is at the bottom right). The polish is beautifully mixed!

Which colour would you choose? :)

RT @HungerGamesExam You can now pre-order THE HUNGER GAMES nail polish collection, "Colors from the Capitol" -