01 The Write Elements: The Greek who Stole Christmas by Anthony Horowitz

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Greek who Stole Christmas by Anthony Horowitz

The Greek Who Stole Christmas is a short Diamond brothers story by Anthony Horowitz. The brothers are broke and are more than a little hilarious. This is the first time I've read the series but it's been said they're always on the verge, or have gone off the edge, of penny pinching.

I absolutely love Nick, and not only because he's the smarter and wittier one, and the actual detective of the two. He probably knows how to tie his own shoes better than his older brother, Tim, the one with the Name of detective but a brain needing to be detected, still. (Just a little joke)
I thought perhaps it would be like the Hardy boys but it's nothing like them. Well, consider how only one thinks and the same one is only 14. Big feats for a little guy.

I enjoyed the story through Nick's view. But I have to say I really can't stand Tim, and neither could the other characters in the novel, from the touchy police to the "big star" Minerva. And of course this woman had to be blonde. Second Minerva I've come across that has a heart nothing like her beauty (this one is painfully obvious but I could be bias for the other series Artemis Fowl).

Back to Tim, I figure most kids will find his antics ridiculous and therefore funny, but my brain works of a slightly different level (perhaps 2-3 years older than a 10 year old reading this. *snicker* ~ I'm not that young either).

The story was not as complicated, since it really was a kids story. But it was still affective.
And I'm sure my love for Nick will grow as I read the second book I have of them. And perhaps, go against my nature and actually find the first book of the series.

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