01 The Write Elements: August 2010

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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Here's how I chose to start of a truly moving and captivating book:
Characters come first!
Gale is undeniably one with strength, but to have two strong people with each other, there'd bound to be clashes. They're too tough together, which is not necessarily bad.
Then again.. Honestly I pegged Peeta once as a weakling (only slight), especially from the first book, if I had to choose one word for him. However, the fact that Katniss does whatever it takes to protect him even though it had to do with the possibility of winning in the arena *cough, cough*, can't help noticing the awesomeness that a girl can finally rescue the guy; that, and for the fact that he showed he would do anything for her, so far, anyway.
I managed to love the book even more, though I don't get how it was possible, and around the ending of the 1st where she hurt Peeta (I won't say why) and before when I came to so many conclusions on what Gale might have said when he was pulled away (“Remember I-”), I felt like fainting, and I almost did.

One scene from the book doesn't just enthrall you, they all do. It was unbelievably well written. Blood and gore are something given, but the intensity behind everything else, especially when Katniss and Peeta were in the giant arena with the others, was striking and amazing. I could feel the feelings that Katniss felt.
It was something else entirely. And for an author to evoke so much off a page is breath-taking.
I can't wait for the next books!

Green by Laura Peyton Roberts

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It was definitely interesting how it started out - an exploding present (I'll have to be more careful myself, from now on). Trials (even one of friendships) mark the sign of struggle and sooner or later, preferably sooner, a heroine. No one ever said kicking booty was easy. And never have I found it more amusing to dive into a world full of leprechauns.
Unfortunately, I have to say, Lilybet is slightly naïve, especially when it came to Kylie. But giving her the benefit of the doubt, seeing as she did have no idea what were customs of being a k - - - - -, and she was sort of floored that a guy like him would even talk to her, though she is definitely making up for that in her wit and underestimating herself so much till the end.
I'm impressed that she did finally become more like her Clan o' Green, even in scheming, and more so when she.... ah, well :)
All in all, if you favour little green men - so to speak - this is an awesome book!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Twilight (Manga, Volume 1) by Stephenie Meyer & Young Kim

Just like Twilight (though the quotes couldn't all be piled in and exact - there would be too thick a book), still loved it. Good choices have been made for it, and the words derived straight from the book are good choices - thankfully slightly better in picks than the movie.. And it's possible, in my case, to fall in love with Edward all over again, and even more so after seeing what another possibility there is to his face :-D

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Freaksville by Kitty Keswick

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With Josh, you don't know whether to love him or to hate him (mostly in the end, and especially if the book does come with the excerpt from the next book in the series). And then there's Kassidea, his bird, and the solution to the never-ending problems faced by the pair and their friends.

The protagonist, that is Kasey, is one I could relate to because there are definite real fears, like her stage-fright or finding out her boyfriend is a w... oops, said almost too much :-P

I did really like it and the ideas that were pitched here and there between Kasey and Gillie. The graphics were definitely detailed, as well. You could almost see the bristling coming from the territorial wol- *cough*

There I go again.


here on the author's page is where I found the trailer that has a synopsis on the book.
I added the link in there for both.

I really enjoyed it (both the trailer and definitely the book)!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Once Upon Stilettos by Shanna Swendson

Since my reviews are based on what I put on Shelfari, looking at its star pointers give y'all a hint as to why I say...

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The stars say it all. I truly do love the writing, it's beyond the boundaries of brilliance, though a leeeetle long at some points (it is crucial, of course), you'll never want to put it down. And I almost didn't, except for moments *cough*. The characters are too perfect, and not the cliche fairy tale type you'd think. Owen is to die for, and Katie is just as amazing. Magic and mystery work wonders here. You'll end off with a cheer even if you're coming to an end and reading the last few pages, that I am sure of.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd : a comic strip by Agatha Christie

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It was new reading a comic strip, for me. And I've never been one for reading Agatha Christie either - back then, but now I realize the Queen of Crime doesn't disappoint. A good way to start into such complex thinking was to go with colours, and lots of it. Though I think it was a little... comically drawn (no pun intended), it was oh-so-vivid. For obvious reasons as well as the frown lines and wrinkles (hee).
Hercule Poirot is definitely brilliant, but v. confusing. Then again, most detectives are. If you tried to guess who the murderer is, it won't be easy. I can say I didn't get it on my first try, because the way she wrote, it came a beautiful full circle - a poetic justice, and I couldn't have been more surprised even if I tried. But I have to say, it does keep me guessing, perfect end to a stormy night.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #34 by Franklin W. Dixon

The Children of the Lost

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I really liked it. It'd be perfect if you liked suspense, and it kept me on the edge as I was shocked by some of the events. I was never more interested, or adrenaline-pumped. The plot was there so I see the need for a trilogy. At the end... a shocker. Better not spoil it (though if you took a chance to see the cover of the second you might guess right) :)