01 The Write Elements: 2014

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Vindico by Wesley King

This is the first book in the Vindico series.

Instant pang of regret: I should have borrowed the second while I had it in my grasps. ENORMOUS sigh.

Doesn't that open up on how awesome the book was? (I thought that was pretty good an opening haha * all innocent *)

In all honesty - even though technically the definition of awesome is extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe.  - I think the English faculties will forgive me for this one.

I really loved it. Really really! (Look at how profound my English is when I'm reduced to fan-girling)

And yes I realise I'm easily persuaded by fantasy novels, But I mean, it's about super villains and powers for pete's sake!

It really provided a fresh take on the usual Marvel we're used to. A chance to show that not all heroes are perfect and sparkly good. The story centralised on five teens being abducted from their homes by the villains of the League, the Vindico (meaning "vengeance") and are now given the opportunity to be granted powers - or learn from their innate, natural gifts

Usually it's the heroes that find these kids and train them, but that wouldn't have been as fun - by far.

I read it in one sitting since I just couldn't let it go. Even when it got dark I just used my flashlight and read, like a kid reading his/her comics.

Wesley isn't the type of author that drags or imposes too much bland writing ; he's got wit, just like his character Hayden.

In fact in the first chapters you get to see the personalities of each teen vividly, which is a nice insight. Though it isn't a new way to do it , to write from a character's perspectives interchangeably - that's where Wesley makes it different

After the final kidnapping he begins the story as a completely third party; not coming from one person's POV gives readers more elbow grease to form our opinions on the people, environment and such

Though the teens do get to have personal trainings; the writing is kept light and it's well-written so you won't get bored or carried away

And as superhero / villain stories go, LOTS of action in place. There was even a very intriguing twist near the end - like all our English teachers try to tell us to put in.

Wesley's was subtle but definitely there and done tastefully

Mm. Maybe I kinda saw it coming, all things considered. ( But that's me being me. If I don't learn to think ahead, I can't write my own book, can I )

Anyway, major props. Should totally pick it up! Brings about a lot of emotion and development

Thursday, 18 September 2014

An adventure begins... with The Lost Hero

Heroes of Olympus 
#1 the lost hero
Rick Riordan

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I know I'm long overdue for this book. I've been That busy. (Although it's a month after some Seaweed Brain's birthday haha)

The whole Camp Half-Blood series is still going strong! thank the gods 
(little joke, I do have my own God *fears getting struck by lightning all the same*) 

I didn't have a chance to look at the synopsis before I formerly read the book but I love the idea and mystery of bringing in Roman myths. 

I always had this urge to study Latin *eyes sparkling* 

The characters are really intriguing because they manage to stir up new things at the camp. 
I love Percy, obviously, but the change of pace was nice with Leo, Jason and Piper. 
~ loving Leo, he's just so much fun! 

It's a whole new chapter and it gives the old series a harder edge, with new enemies and - what they assume would be - strange allies. 

As always I love the quests because of the riddles the Oracle gives. I mean, 7 heroes now!! 
Though I wish it would be so that all the gods had a child that either brought eternal bliss or the end, in this series. Favouritism for Apollo shining through very brightly here 

However I was so excited on what the future technically brings that I was tempted to skip ahead a few chapters. 
I know, I know, bad me.... 

Mind you, this was quite a heavy book but I brought it everywhere - it was really captivating. Of course I'm in love with Greek mythology and the more reading like this makes it easy to learn about the Roman culture. 

Rick also brought in a lot more of the history which, like I said, is an excellent way to learn as it has the heroes interacting with them instead of simply reading from textbooks. 
I was thrilled. 

And it's just as action-packed as before, even more so now. The adventure may last a few days but it'll leave you wanting more right after - I guarantee it. 

Currently hunting for the second book myself. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Artemis Fowl takes his last bow: Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian

Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian
Eoin Colfer

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Seemingly nothing in this world daunts the young criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl. In the fairy world, however, there is a small thing that has gotten under his skin on more than one occasion: Opal Koboi. In The Last Guardian, the evil pixie is wreaking havoc yet again. This time his arch rival has reanimated dead fairy warriors who were buried in the grounds of Fowl Manor. Their spirits have possessed Artemis's little brothers, making his siblings even more annoying than usual. The warriors don't seem to realize that the battle they were fighting when they died is long over. Artemis has until sunrise to get the spirits to vacate his brothers and go back into the earth where they belong. Can he count on a certain LEPrecon fairy to join him in what could well be his last stand?

New York Times best-selling author and comic genius Eoin Colfer will leave Artemis Fowl fans gasping up to the very end of this thrilling finale to the blockbuster series.

Ages 10+

(Summary from Bookbrowse)

That was a Long hiatus. Exams, yadda yadda...

 If you're a real bibliophile you'll know what I mean when it felt so good to touch a book again.

I decided to kick things off again by sadly ending one of my favourite series, Artemis Fowl. Yeah I couldn't believe it was the last too...

To a friend of mine who saw my book, he claimed how he didn't feel it was as good as before; it couldn't grip him.

I, however, am totally the opposite. I couldn't put it down!

 I even went against my life-long policy of bringing books I bought outside to read - with good reason I might add (there were...incidents with the book, like we had been through a real Artemis adventure)

But it had been a really long time since I read the last story so it took me a bit to get the context straight.

I would recommend to try reading the books in succession, in a comfy room and cosy bed. Not to be disturbed.

So yes obviously the story is super fast-paced and you'll won't even be able to stop for a cup of cocoa.

In stories there's no part that's usually completely insignificant. So as I read on and thought of the how perhaps it would turn out I was greeted by nice surprises.

(I want to say so much here but I'll spoil it!!!)

I always had a fondness for Artemis - he never had a particularly bad motive for doing what he did. (Maybe I'm losing my sense here haha)
But if you compare him to Opal, who of course had to make a comeback, well, she's just psychotic.

And I mean stark raving mad this time. As the series progressed you know she wouldn't stay down, and to some of the lengths she went through. Yikes.
I would not have liked to get on her bad side.

And personally I don't like drawn out things, but they're usually forgiven if there's big action that followed, which it did. For this book it didn't have anything that was *too* much.

The surprising impact of a part of her plan on all of civilization - when I read through it I didn't think it really happened. I felt so detached at that point.
However it shows the writer's capability to just make you think if something of that magnitude were to happen - I'm glad for this instance it was in a book.

Colfer kept going for one surprise after another, making sure his readers are always anticipating and wanting more.

It was great to watch the characters progress after all this time and with 8 strong titles under his belt, it's definite there's depth people can emphasize with.

It really was such a sad thing to close the book, which had a pretty nice way of ending (phew)

Colfer's got a new book out though:  WARP, if I'm not mistaken
Which will fall more into the YA context on the library shelves.

Not that I minded going down to the lower elements (of the children section)
My other friends are the same age and we continued to carry the legacy of Artemis Fowl no matter how old we got

If anyone's read any of his series maybe you can tell me what you think