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Thursday, 18 September 2014

An adventure begins... with The Lost Hero

Heroes of Olympus 
#1 the lost hero
Rick Riordan

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I know I'm long overdue for this book. I've been That busy. (Although it's a month after some Seaweed Brain's birthday haha)

The whole Camp Half-Blood series is still going strong! thank the gods 
(little joke, I do have my own God *fears getting struck by lightning all the same*) 

I didn't have a chance to look at the synopsis before I formerly read the book but I love the idea and mystery of bringing in Roman myths. 

I always had this urge to study Latin *eyes sparkling* 

The characters are really intriguing because they manage to stir up new things at the camp. 
I love Percy, obviously, but the change of pace was nice with Leo, Jason and Piper. 
~ loving Leo, he's just so much fun! 

It's a whole new chapter and it gives the old series a harder edge, with new enemies and - what they assume would be - strange allies. 

As always I love the quests because of the riddles the Oracle gives. I mean, 7 heroes now!! 
Though I wish it would be so that all the gods had a child that either brought eternal bliss or the end, in this series. Favouritism for Apollo shining through very brightly here 

However I was so excited on what the future technically brings that I was tempted to skip ahead a few chapters. 
I know, I know, bad me.... 

Mind you, this was quite a heavy book but I brought it everywhere - it was really captivating. Of course I'm in love with Greek mythology and the more reading like this makes it easy to learn about the Roman culture. 

Rick also brought in a lot more of the history which, like I said, is an excellent way to learn as it has the heroes interacting with them instead of simply reading from textbooks. 
I was thrilled. 

And it's just as action-packed as before, even more so now. The adventure may last a few days but it'll leave you wanting more right after - I guarantee it. 

Currently hunting for the second book myself. 

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