01 The Write Elements: April 2011

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Young Bond: Blood Fever by Charlie Higson

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Higson definitely knows how to write a thriller and it's so unbelievably vivid that you could feel yourself being sucked in. The atmosphere he creates is amazing, I literally got the feelings you'd usually be getting from a chase (all good adventure-type books will have them), my heart wouldn't stop thudding. 
Zoltan, one of the characters from 'Bloodfever', said that even the toughest men call out for their "Mama..." before they die. Unfortunately, I never thought the 'experience' could hit me so soon :( 
There is a fine line between good and bad. I could hardly tell who was really who; but those who have sharper eyes could definitely figure it out, especially with the amount of detail Higson writes with. In a way that's a hint to the book, how someone nice couldn't be all That great a person, after all. 
The book also had me realizing how old Bond probably was when he started being a "lady's man" :-P