01 The Write Elements: March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Nick Arnold
Illustrated by Tony de Saulles

Although with my age and experience (and a few science classes) I knew whatever I had to know about the mystery of electricity, I never really realised how interesting a book with vivid descriptions and graphics could make it. I grew up with a lot of books and Horrible Science can be considered one of them. Of course at this mature age I’m able to appreciate the complexities of having delve into the genius inventor’s psyche and write about what was happening in, oh say, 1706~

Yes, I’m talking about Benjamin Franklin. I took a picture of the liable-to-crumble-into-a-thousand-pieces-if-blown-on St. Petersburg Times where it mentions Georg Richman (another man sparked with the interest on experimenting with electricity – a little faster than Franklin, so Franklin could learn from the former) I especially love the bottom left column/quote  

[Picture was to the best of my amateurish capability, please be kind and figure out some words] 

All in all, the facts are straight so, totally recommended for children of any age especially if they're interested in an alternative textbook (although the normal one is the best - drab, dry, *yawn*) 

Be on the lookout for Horrible History and Horrible Geography too. They'll rock your world :P