01 The Write Elements: June 2011

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hands-on History: Projects about Ancient Greece by Marian Broida

My friend and I were prowling the children's section of the library when I stumbled upon this book. It's a little odd for people our ages, I warrant that, but the point was that it was the only place in the library that even had books on Greek history. I wanted a book to find bits on the accessories and the clothing of the people in Greece, but I found this one instead. It was mostly on crafts but I wasn't thrown off. I love to learn about this country's myths. Plus, now I learned about how to create a Herakles Knot and a Spartan Shield. Even to write my name in Greek, sort of - the letters are
Ι (for j as well; this is Iota) Α (Alpha, A) Δ (Delta, D) Ε (Epsilon, E) It was informative, as a children's book can be, and had me realize that even as a picture in a book, the art of assortments, like pottery, were magnificent! I truly hope to venture to Greece some day