01 The Write Elements: The Vindico by Wesley King

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Vindico by Wesley King

This is the first book in the Vindico series.

Instant pang of regret: I should have borrowed the second while I had it in my grasps. ENORMOUS sigh.

Doesn't that open up on how awesome the book was? (I thought that was pretty good an opening haha * all innocent *)

In all honesty - even though technically the definition of awesome is extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe.  - I think the English faculties will forgive me for this one.

I really loved it. Really really! (Look at how profound my English is when I'm reduced to fan-girling)

And yes I realise I'm easily persuaded by fantasy novels, But I mean, it's about super villains and powers for pete's sake!

It really provided a fresh take on the usual Marvel we're used to. A chance to show that not all heroes are perfect and sparkly good. The story centralised on five teens being abducted from their homes by the villains of the League, the Vindico (meaning "vengeance") and are now given the opportunity to be granted powers - or learn from their innate, natural gifts

Usually it's the heroes that find these kids and train them, but that wouldn't have been as fun - by far.

I read it in one sitting since I just couldn't let it go. Even when it got dark I just used my flashlight and read, like a kid reading his/her comics.

Wesley isn't the type of author that drags or imposes too much bland writing ; he's got wit, just like his character Hayden.

In fact in the first chapters you get to see the personalities of each teen vividly, which is a nice insight. Though it isn't a new way to do it , to write from a character's perspectives interchangeably - that's where Wesley makes it different

After the final kidnapping he begins the story as a completely third party; not coming from one person's POV gives readers more elbow grease to form our opinions on the people, environment and such

Though the teens do get to have personal trainings; the writing is kept light and it's well-written so you won't get bored or carried away

And as superhero / villain stories go, LOTS of action in place. There was even a very intriguing twist near the end - like all our English teachers try to tell us to put in.

Wesley's was subtle but definitely there and done tastefully

Mm. Maybe I kinda saw it coming, all things considered. ( But that's me being me. If I don't learn to think ahead, I can't write my own book, can I )

Anyway, major props. Should totally pick it up! Brings about a lot of emotion and development

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