01 The Write Elements: Green by Laura Peyton Roberts

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Green by Laura Peyton Roberts

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It was definitely interesting how it started out - an exploding present (I'll have to be more careful myself, from now on). Trials (even one of friendships) mark the sign of struggle and sooner or later, preferably sooner, a heroine. No one ever said kicking booty was easy. And never have I found it more amusing to dive into a world full of leprechauns.
Unfortunately, I have to say, Lilybet is slightly naïve, especially when it came to Kylie. But giving her the benefit of the doubt, seeing as she did have no idea what were customs of being a k - - - - -, and she was sort of floored that a guy like him would even talk to her, though she is definitely making up for that in her wit and underestimating herself so much till the end.
I'm impressed that she did finally become more like her Clan o' Green, even in scheming, and more so when she.... ah, well :)
All in all, if you favour little green men - so to speak - this is an awesome book!

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