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Friday, 17 April 2015

First Accident I Covered!!

Okay, you're not supposed to be totally happy with accidents, but considering this was my first and there was no death... yay? Plus it was the first accident I did - not the last of course - and I remember clearly calling the different hotlines, going up and down the HDB block to get witnesses (who don't all speak English ARGH) and taking pictures of the scene. 

She was crying, with
in her mouth

Six passengers injured when two SBS buses crash at Tampines Avenue 1
A collision between two SBS service number 15 buses in Tampines yesterday morning left six passengers injured.
Five adult passengers were taken to Changi General Hospital while a girl was taken to KK Women and Children’s Hospital, an SBS Transit spokesman told TNP.
IT business analyst Leomar Garcia, 41, tipped TNP off about the accident, which happened at about 8.30am, through an e-mail. The accident happened in Tampines Avenue 1, near Temasek Polytechnic.
The Singapore permanent resident was on his way to work in one of the buses and was about to get off when it collided with the bus in front of it.
Mr Garcia said: “I was flung forwards and bumped my knees against a metal board. I lost my balance, but managed to hold on to a railing.
“For the first few seconds, everybody was in shock. They checked themselves to see if they were hurt and after about a minute, everyone checked with other passengers.
“That was how we saw a woman (with) lots of blood in her mouth. And she was crying.”
The woman, whose face had hit the seat in front, was bleeding profusely from her mouth and her top was covered with blood.
Mr Garcia and another passenger at- tended to her and a woman who sat in front went to the back to offer her hand- kerchief and help.
The impact of the crash was so great the windscreen of the bus was shattered. Mr Garcia called for an ambulance and the two bus drivers got out of their vehicles to talk to each other.
Mr Garcia said that the driver returned to the bus after a few minutes and noticed the injured passengers.
He got his first-aid kit and attended to the woman bleeding from the mouth.
An ambulance arrived seven minutes after Mr Garcia’s call.
Paramedics checked the passengers before they left the bus, said the Singapore Civil Defence Force.
In a statement to TNP, Ms Tammy Tan, senior vice-president of corporate communications with SBS Transit, said: “We are sorry that this accident happened. Our immediate concern is for the well-being of the six passengers who were taken to hospital.
“Our staff have been at the hospitals since this morning to extend care and concern to the injured. Five received outpatient treatment.
“We are rendering assistance to all of them as best as we can. We apologise to all our commuters who were affected by the accident.” 

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