01 The Write Elements: Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus by R. L. La Fevers

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus by R. L. La Fevers

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Honestly if you don't have much of an interest in Egyptology, this book might get you skipping some bits (which are actually interesting to know). If they are facts, I have the drive to read it because coming from a textbook would just make me yawn - eight times in the span of two hours while I did a subject (snore).
Theo is a lot of fun, definitely amusing and entertaining, and I hardly say that about a lot of characters, I like her ways of noticing the tiny details, since she's still young - but with a vast knowledge on removing curses, might I add - but especially when the plot is set in 1907. I like her because she reminds me a bit of me, if she doesn't like someone, she doesn't like someone - unless they prove otherwise.
There are words there that you'd never hear in our century, however it's not ye olde English, so they are still understandable :)
The other characters are not boring at all, it's either a you-love-'em or you-can-tolerate-them moment with each, from learning about Will's abundance in siblings (which Theo actually wonders "[doesn't] anyone in his family have a real name?") to Grandma Throckmorton, who's being kept in the dark is almost making the protagonist tick a little (to ease curiousity :-p I'm just mentioning that Theo is sworn to secrecy and the phrase went through my head 'if grandma only knew..' - read on!).
If you hadn't guessed I've been thinking of this review throughout the book, but I have to say, the ending was brilliant and so.. significant! Loved it all! I can't wait for the fourth book, which most should've known the title by now: Theodosia and the Last Pharaoh

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