01 The Write Elements: Enchantment Place - anthology - was not done

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Enchantment Place - anthology - was not done

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The "Enchantment Place". To be honest, I did not... could not see the appealing factor. I merely flipped through the pages and it was then I thought of the book as nothing that was able to hold my attention at all. It was kind of dull in dialogue, and the stories here and there were no where near exciting. I found some of it so tiresome and lacking I just couldn't make myself read the entire book. It wasn't worth diving into. Even with the "benefit of the doubt" that some authors might have done the book a little justice, I'll never find out. It wasn't what I was hoping for in this book. I wanted pages - any or possibly all of them (as one would expect from any good book) - that would grab you and never let go. Sorely disappointed, I guess. There just wasn't enough.

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