01 The Write Elements: Labyrinthus by FJ Collins - not completed

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Labyrinthus by FJ Collins - not completed

The Oracles of Léoht: Book One - Labyrinthus by FJ Collins

To not judge a book by its cover is a basic thing. Unfortunately for me, looking at Labyrinthus, it left much to be desired. I borrowed this book, so when I opened it to its first page and I see someone stuck a sticker there and that the face is "laughing", I couldn't help think: this is a sign. 
I do admit I probably didn't give it a fair chance but flipping through the book, and reading the dialogue no less, I didn't really want to. Usually I can find one thing captivating about the book, even if the description isn't great, the dialogue could be witty, or vice versa. Well this didn't happen. 

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