01 The Write Elements: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins (a great welcome-back book)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins (a great welcome-back book)

 I don't even know how long it's been since I've been able to pick up a book to read, just too long. I can't believe I held out. For months it has been endless project work and the final two exams are finally all over. Congrats me new media student. I'm actually really proud to be in this industry. I'm loving what I do.

  Anyway, back to business. I immediately headed out to the library as soon as my exam was over. This Hex Hall was one of the books I've been meaning to read for a long time and I thankfully saw it nicely sitting on the shelf, snugly wedged in-between hordes of other books (it's exam preparation for most students so hardly anyone was in the library, all the better for me since no one can borrow my books away *victory fist*). 

I was pleased beyond belief the first book I chose to 'come back' with was such a good read. I had read other reviews about how perhaps the story was too much like "Harry Potter for girls". To be honest I never really enjoyed Rowling's writing (prepares herself for being struck by literary lightning), but I absolutely adored this book! I read it twice even.

And yes there was a comment about how the character of Archer Cross (yay for heartthrobs!) was just a mysterious, cool, easy-on-the-eyes, good-looking heartthrob, and how they wanted more information I felt it was enough to keep readers guessing about his past well into the rest of her series, which I can't wait to find. 
So yes I said it, Archer (I'm sure you guessed it) is one of the bad-boy yet pretty-boy types, so said by Sophie as well as me. A wonderful addition.
And gratefully he isn't blonde. I  don't know what's with me, but I can't take another one.
One more obvious fact, he's playing with sooooo many heartstrings in this book. Past Holly, present Elodie (yes E-lo-dy) and hopefully :D future Sophie (however much she denies it)

Actually the addition of different characters was definitely interesting. Part of the rule book, every story has to have a witchy enemy (ahem), outcasts and so on. So it was really nice meeting them.

The first few bits after the introduction, aka reason why Sophie had to join Hex Hall, was a bit of a blur. Tiny bit less interesting before she made it to the actual venue. Also there was the other huge chunk of information leading up to the introduction of the (pronouncing it as I type) L'Occhio di Dio. Bigger blur. If I had been a first-year student there my eyes would have surely glazed over, though the idea of having it shown like a projection is so cool. Damn I wish this magic was real. 

However it got extremely interesting for 95% of the book, so no regrets about this plot. It is a fun read, as most would categorise it. Rachel is excellent and there's obviously wit or I wouldn't love it so much. Banter between the ad-odds 'couple' is great to read. Awesome comebacks. And I'm totally hungry for more info, especially on Sophie's future, though as a writer several scenes already are playing in my head

Next I'll be reading "Fairy Bad Day" by Amanda Ashby. I borrowed that along with "Stealing Phoenix" and "The Raven Boys". I seem to have a theme going

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