01 The Write Elements: PASIR RIS LIBRARY IS OPEN!

Sunday, 29 November 2015


#pasirrispl is finally back up and running.
After the mall underwent its biggest overhaul and practically renovated itself into a whole wavy, by-the-sea look, bits and pieces of it started back up mid this year. Most of the mall is complete, and now even the front entrance is finally open (you don't have to cross all the way from the MRT or the left side of the mall anymore).
The library revived itself and brought on a fresh, sparkly white interior [designer], mirroring the library at Somerset.
Duh, I gotta go check it out.
And duh, I gotta max out my library cards.
FYI book lovers, there are no gurneys around. A library assistant informed me that they want to encourage readers to put books they don't wish to read back onto the shelves they found them from. Great initiative, I hope it lasts.

I think this is really the first time I've posted my picture on my blog - it won't traumatise you I promise. 

This is the inside looking out (up, rather).
Located at the AV area.

So we start from here. 
Past this beautiful bookcase (which holds the New Arrivals and latest Returns and whatnot) is the entrance. There are hard seats and uniquely shaped stools peppering the place. One cluster is what my mum and I sat on in the first picture. 
Cause there had to be an official opening sign, seen from the same place. 

Meet the reservation/collection podium. Very futuristic I gotta say. Though I haven't tried it yet I'm dying to. Haha. I hope someone does and tells me how the process is :) 

This is the view of the stairs leading up to the SECOND FLOOR *squeals* of the library. This is the only way to go up to the teens section (I thought the AV CD area had another way going up, but nope).

I absolutely adore these glass seating pods. OH MY GOSH. 
Three hang up in the teens section - which also has elongated steps for us to sit at one end and the usual hard chairs at another - while one more is placed at the AV section (see I keep calling it by different names? haha bored).

I apologise if the quality is bad, I uploaded straight into blogspot. Took it with my Snapchat account. This is what it looks like from the stairs leading up to the teens section, from the serious adults/non-fiction/info books to the children's books/the fun side.

I focused on the light too much so the rest of the picture looks dark, but it's all lit well enough. The glowing shelves say 'hi' and are here to abduct you into the wonderful word of books. 
Took this from further down the entrance, near the glass pods.

Appropriate slogan. Yes it's in the Teens section. 
*Insert 'awwwww' moment here* 

Gorgeous giant wall of words back downstairs. Underneath are more seats and shelves.

Past the wall, to the absolute end near the Chinese books, is what everyone is ultimately looking for: the TRUE seating/studying/quiet/chill corner. The long grey line near the shelf on the right are a bunch of semi-enclosed cushioned seats. Good for anyone wanting a secluded place and to spend a longer-than-the-usual-long time there. 

Now these are placed at the end of shelves. I think it's their initiative to show what the shelf is about. Creative and adorable.

See, it just says "general non-fic" 

But this is here! 


Design and art


I've never been happier to find out that one of my biggest loves is alive and bringing joy to many, all over again. I do sorely miss the old look, but I think this will appeal to the next generation and that's what I really want, for people to visit the library as much as they humanly can. 

I hope more people will want to come by after seeing this post. For those who've visited Book Heaven, lemme know what you think of it! :) 

To end my post, a hit of nostalgia. 

Taken from NLB's instagram (called publiclibrarysg - yeah, I had an interesting time finding the account).

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