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Friday, 27 November 2015


Yeaaaahhhhhhh so if people know me, I can dress street but I can't be street. 
That being said, I was editor-in-chief this time. 
To talk about my mag...

I hope you enjoy! haha

SO much issue to get the Ed's Note together. I had written an essay and rewrote it 5 times. I just couldn't rap (PUN) my head around it. I looked at almost all the magazines we had in storage, which included the seniors' works. But I'm extremely proud of how it turned out. That picture though...... 
And then came the longboarder. So there was issue getting one even though some members wanted one, so I sourced around and found a kind guy who's the owner of his own store, though it specialises in making ramps than skateboards, skateboarding, etc. being a skateboarder. So they didn't want the idea and I had to roll with having a junior's friend (who was really nice, and I hope I conveyed him in a great light). IT WAS SO HOT BLISTERING THAT DAY. He was sweating - not perspiring, Sweating! So was I and I had my hoodie on to keep my face from melting from exposure. I have to say I LOVE my pictures, they look fantastic, so it was worth it! And that skateboard and glove shot was just randomly done at the very end of the video interview BUT it worked perfectly for the sudden huge banner picture in the layout. Thankfully. 

Kay... Blogger chick. Fashion is also not one of my strong suits so when I had to interview a blogger and transcribe after... it took awhile. Not to say she wasn't a sincere person. She is, hence the article. I didn't want to just take a normal spin on a fashion article and knowing me, I had to absolutely bring out her best side and I was grateful she gave me such sweet quotes. It matters more to me, and her, after all. 

Voxpops - or my Strangers on the Street (I was inspired by something I heard on a show but I can't remember the details). That day I went out with my photog to Orchard (where it had to rain, duh), Arab Street and Bugis to find strangers. I was really worried in the first few moments that I would find anyone but when I did, boy, did I run for the hills! I chased after all, stalked pretty much most of them, and got everyone to say yes. Most are truly kind to us and they were forthcoming in sharing about themselves (the irritating part was that this was easier than my damn internship. How is a school magazine letting me get so many quotes!) The Instagram layout is to die for! Getting the info on it, yeah you can die too I (moved from the photoshopssssss to the indesign). Hahaha. I had to photoshop the Catch Online logo and take out just the C and fit it to the tiny TINY circle (profile pic); edit the overexposed/slightly dull/orange/dark pictures and fit them into the slots (it doesn't do the Instagram thing where you can put a long pic in, after all haha); and then I had to caption it myself (my gosh that was the weirdest thing because I had to be funny and think like everyone else). 

I was happy to get a chance to 'chat' with ShiGGa Shay, even though it was through email. Though I was sad I couldn't meet him or take original pictures, them pictures are AWESOME. The black and white gives everything a new feel. 

Ah MHC MHC MHC... Nick was so sweet. The others... MY GOSH the waiting time for them to show up for the interview (which ended up being through Google Doc instead). TWO hours I waited for the collective to show up; and one lives just 10 minutes away from the interview location. But the articles turned out great. I had issues with how they were gonna be so I took inspiration from one of my articles in the newspaper. 

I INTERVIEWED MY fave EX TEACHER. Actually he was meant to be interviewed by my classmates unfortunately. That meant I couldn't do a video interview. So when the team mentioned they wanted a busker, I was happy to ask him - all I had to do was hope he said yes. Though it was meant for someone else to do I ended up being the one to do it (they were too 'busy'). Glad I did though. His article was the easiest to write by far, and I bullet-trained straight through it. I actually am quite excited to show him. Better share it on Facebook now 

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