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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews - HOLY SHIT

The book that makes you read it again. Heck read the whole series from the start!
That is seriously what I'm doing right now, though I know it's usually reserved for the finales - I personally don't believe and think there should never be a final book.
Ilona is one of those authors who you can't get enough of.
When I saw the book I was in utter disbelief, and I was too exhilarated to sink my claws into it. 
I felt like how a cute, chubby kid had sniffed out the cookie jar. 
(Maybe it's not a good idea to put claws and chubby kid in the same thought...)
Needless to say it's been a long while since I read the series but I found it so easy to get back into the flow of things because of how well the story was told. The plot was centred around the Pack needing a rare medicine to prevent the shapeshifter children from dying if they went Loup. Worthwhile cause to go headfirst into another crazy adventure - though I truly think this takes the Panacea. The problem had been a long time coming since there were instances in previous books - like with Julie, so that was a refreshing new tale to tell and it added more characters from other packs as well as a mystery to be weaved into it. The plot didn't take much of a backseat thankfully, it keeps you going; even with the characters taking up your brain capacity, with the addition of the oogly-boogly freaky shifter (no not the weredolphins - which pretty much ruined dolphins for me, unfortunately) that jumped in out of nowhere, you're not bored I can tell you that much. Especially at the very end, GIMME THE NEXT BOOK. Heehee.
Now to continue with what's important. Truly. Them Characters.
I love Kate, I truly do. But when you read through you'll suddenly be shocked at how  emotionally charged-up she is. And you know she doesn't act like this since her emotional wall is built so high. Her thoughts and feelings were more how someone my age reacts to someone they love. Absolutely emotional turmoil going on here for her AND you - I can assure you of that. There will be moments, especially if you're female, where you don't think and just have a string of "no no no no no" playing across your mind. Then you cry. Then you get frustrated. Then you hate things. Then - for me - you feel for Kate and H*** (who turned out to be an interesting -yeah we'll leave it at that- villain, but still a sexy *ahem* guy who should be scorned, though thankfully was finally brought up in the flesh)
Personally on a deeper level I believe Kate acted that way - not only to keep the story moving - to show how much she truly loves Curran - who you would agree through 60% of the book was supposedly a total a** (I'm adding all the weight I can muster behind this word; and I won't be ranting on this because it'll never end. I don't even know what to think of him anymore!!).
You will absolutely feel what she feels, even when it's absolutely not rational, and when you finally find out the "plan", if you can really call it that ...it's a "guffaw"-impossible-I-didn't-catch-it-before-now moment. Though I still don't like what he did!
In other words, Ilona still writes where you can FEEL - laugh/ache/cry (really!) - for the characters you love. I do wish for more on Derek, who now has a looming, dark cloud hovering over him. I've often wondered what will happen to him and even when the book ended I still didn't get a sense of what Ilona has planned for his future.
SPOILSIES then there's Doolittle. Gosh I love the good doctor but once you get to that specific time when he just Looks at Kate...let's just say my opinion somewhat changed. Way to be grateful.
I won't add a name here because I would be as cruel as the worst villain in literary history if I did. But I do have to say I was heartbroken when I was reading the end of the book. You don't expect this rollercoaster of emotion to happen throughout this wonderful story as well as when IT happens. The death..was uncalled for. The impact really hits you and it's worse if you love the character - I find them heroic like any good m****** are.

Everything in Magic Rises just gets you going and doesn't want to let you go.

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