01 The Write Elements: A Midsummer Night's Scream - R. L. Stine - BIG NO

Sunday, 13 December 2015

A Midsummer Night's Scream - R. L. Stine - BIG NO

In sites like Shelfari they can ask "do you recommend this for anyone"? People, I don't hate you enough.
It's a no. Just No. I don't swear but this time F*** NO. Heed my warning.
I had to put down my food - I was having a very nice cake which I lost all appetite for - before I gagged on it and just stare at this in utter disbelief.
I don't usually - or ever often - read horror but now I know why. I can never trust one again.
He ruined one of my fave plays and I absolutely CANNOT forgive Stine for that.
Cause if you're gonna ride on the back of an amazing, well-thought-out, moving, memorable Shakespearean piece like Midsummer Night's Dream to do a horror novel - which, might I add, don't get me started on how put-off I was at how left-field it was from a Literature(!!!) Great...at least put some back into making it a worthwhile plot.
Talk about shallow and vapid. Yeah the deaths were horrible and gruesome because it's so twisted and visual but where's the depth?! I'm back to remembering those awfully cheesy slasher flicks where there's the killer in a hockey mask with his axe and the track is going "shing-shing-shing". Why? That's the limit of the imagination of the author. Zero. Zilch.
And the potions which were so immensely important in the plot that Claire kept gettin wrong, but insisted on using till the very freaking end?! I wanted to throw one at her, showering her with flakes of the she-thinks-it's-the-love-but-actually-not potion.
The biggest issue I have though are the damn CHARACTERS. My mind went further to create personalities for them since - oh I don't know, they had none! I rarely ever read about characters - ALL - who are That one-dimensional. That's the only word for it! 1-D. And instead of leaving it to just the four main - ugh - you add the bimbo, cause there must always be a bimbo in every guy-written book? Doesn't it hurt you, Stine, to write something like this? Let alone putting it out there for your readers. And your publishers, I'm sorry, but what were you thinking? I'm embarrassed for you - for the story!!
Apparently Stine is a great horror writer...so he rode on his own name to produce this? Even when I was 5 I gave my characters - who I consider my FRIENDS - some thought! And it ruined Puck for me, completely! A freaky bearded psychopath. Really?
Don't waste your time or brain cells on something so trivial. Not even if you were tortured.
Now not going to touch the book again except to dump it back to the library and hope it gets buried somewhere deep and dark. Where it belongs. And it's so not a compliment.

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