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Friday, 8 January 2016


 I missed the comic's 20th anniversary just last November! I can't believe it's as old as I am. It'll be 21 this year! HOORAY still live and well!

Stone Soup #8: We'll Be REally Careful!

Stone Soup was one of the comics I grew up on, I'd always read it first in the Sunday papers. So to find the eighth edition of the syndicated cartoon was extremely nostalgic. I hadn't seen a lot of these comic strips before so it was lovely, especially when it continued on like an actual book - and I didn't have to wait for the next week to know what was going on.
Jan Eliot has been a fave storyteller. I think it's somewhat harder to get illustrations out for a story. And with comics you gotta make your brand known early on so people follow. Tough, it's always tough. 
The lines and plot in Stone Soup are always fresh and super witty. I will continue to love their entire family, they're such personalities!
I tried to put off reading the entire book but I just couldn't help myself. Finished in less than 3 hours.

Obviously I've found where the other books in the series are located. I just got to pick them up tomorrow :)
And I'll buy them when I find them, of course 

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