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Monday, 18 January 2016

Magic Strikes ..and maybe rips, trips and giggles

Yep, I went back to it. I missed Derek, and this was a turning point for him. It's not the best memory to associate of course.

I'll go somewhat chronologically.
I think Magic Bites was one of the more harsh yet had-to-be-offset-by-excellently-played-out humour books in Ilona Andrews' series. The plot was centred around the Magic Games. Personally I waited for a gladiator type story to ease its way in. Though I did not conceive how brutal it, more specifically the absolute cruelest Reapers, could be when it came to non-humans.
So the idea was that the Games was a very, very Bad - capital B - place that brought in people who enjoyed horrific, "pretty" deaths of shapeshifters. And obviously when you send spies in *takes moment to glare at Jim* you get the worst imagery imaginable. I was distressed at how cruel and painful the deaths were written out. (Takes moment to sob for Derek) I was so hoping to be a character in the book to whip the #!@+!! into oblivion.
It gives you great motivation to get the home team to join though. So the team had to get in to stop the Games.
Despite being plagued with deaths, and boat loads of blood absorbed by the Pit, the best was having some of the Pack and Kate compete. I love the bouts that took place and it showed different kinds of creatures, from Japanese to ancient myths.
It was amusing honestly how less of a challenge the other teams were. There you are, thinking how fearsome an above-8-feet-Large monstrosity could be, but *he* just looked at it and thought "meh"..
Now I've nicely segwayed to him, His Furriness, raging psychopath and heartthrob Curran.
I enjoyed the parts of the story that were moments away from the fighting. When Kate came back to discover her last slice of apple pie was "missing" - thought to have been eaten by her - was so cute. There's not a soul who wouldn't know who took it.
Back when you know he has such a god complex and exudes absolute sexiness, charm and wit. Mm. Hahaha. You know he's being him, super enraging cat, who's stalk- we, courting Kate. So you can't help but love him.
And truly, IT WAS ABOUT TIME!!! When you all reach the bathtub scene and epilogue, let me know so we can wave our pom-poms.
Also with the characters you get a real glimpse into the key ones. Especially Jim. Cause let's face it, it's mainly him and his need to protect. I love that Curran gave so much leeway, I lost track of how many days Jim got to safe his furry behind.
With Saiman. Honestly his dancing Adonis act still left me impressed for certain reasons. I was so glad he showed his bravery - yeah bravery.. - in this book. Had respect claw its way out of me when the scene came. I mean, who wouldn't think he's got guts? Which later left his opponent just in a mess of guts. No pun intended. You'll know what I mean.
Lastly, bring in Hugh, of all people to come crashing into Kate's life. I swear I nearly forgot when he came in but there he is. He got more suave later on in the series. As of now, had to take him seriously as a dangerous messenger-lap dog of Roland's.  "My lady" my butt.

The best line that I always remembered was how the phone rang. i know it sounds a bit strange. I'd thought of my phone does this too. I was really tickled by it.

It's one of my favourites. Obviously. Please read.

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