01 The Write Elements: Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer (357 words)

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer (357 words)

For our holiday homework, we were told to do a character write-up for a book we read. It was to be about 200 words long.
Seeing as I'm really terrible at keeping to the limit, it did go over, though I tried to confine it! :)

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Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer (357 words)

My character analysis is one of fairy Recon captain, Holly Short. She is small but she packs a punch, especially if she has her Neutrino 3000 at hand. She is the only female in the LEPrecon and definitely showed no disappointment to those who had made any the decision in her. She has both brains and brawn, and uses them in all situations, be it when she fights for what she believes in with Artemis Fowl or to stop a bunch of goblins running wild. Holly takes initiative and is incredibly creative, especially when during the first book; she manages to get out of trouble of a fight with a troll by relying on her smarts and blinding it with tunnel lights in her helmet, which saved plenty of people and reinstated the trust in her boss, even after her mess up with the Hamburg incident.

Holly is stable and sturdy even though both her parents have passed away. She holds the trust of her friends and knows who she would like for friends, as she thinks further than whatever nonsense could be spurred from the fairies that went bad. For example, in book two, The Arctic Incident, where she believed in her friend Foaly instead of listening to words and just jumping to conclusions. She is head-strong but she does have a streak of stubbornness when she goes in to save her comrades who are in trouble during missions instead of listening to Commander Root when he orders her to stay back and wait for back-up (he does actually care). She also has a fantastic aim and her trigger finger pulls without a miss. But always has the air and sense to be one up on her male colleagues on the force just because she felt that her boss was a stick-in-the-mud sexist till she realizes further that he isn’t, and she always keeps her wits about her even as she gets yelled at at some points for not following commands. However she does make up for it by saving lives as she feels her way it should be done, even if it does seem pretentious.

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