01 The Write Elements: Romeo and Juliet – the play (240 words)

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Romeo and Juliet – the play (240 words)

For our holiday homework, we were told to also write about a highlight for the other book we read. It was to be at least 200 words long.
Seeing as I'm really terrible at keeping to the limit, it did go over, though I tried to confine it! :)

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Romeo and Juliet – the play (240 words)

During the first stages of the act, it said that Romeo was actually commanding Paris (the other suitor to Juliet) to leave him alone or else they would surely fight. I find it sweet that even though Romeo believes that Juliet is dead, he most likely still fought in honour of her memory. He wants to be alone – subjected to grief, showing that he cares deeply for her. And soon after, Juliet finds Romeo dead himself and kills herself, unable to bear the pain that was in her heart when she saw him lying with a cup clutched in his hand.

That is why the highlight of Romeo and Juliet is, I believe, in Act 5, Scene 3. Firstly, it is the most commonly known moment of the entire play as it shows Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. Because even though it evokes the immediate feeling of grief and possible stupidity for ending their lives early, I find it symbolizing that it was a true strength and test of how they loved each other – by willing to kill his or herself in thought that there was no reason to live when the other half (their significant other) is dead. As it also brings out the fact that even though their families were mortal enemies they can seek to concur with love. It shows significance in both that brings about that ‘fighting only leads to death’ and that ‘true love concurs all’.

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