01 The Write Elements: Blood Sun by David Gilman (324 words)

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Blood Sun by David Gilman (324 words)

For our holiday homework, we were told to do a character write-up for a book we read. It was to be about 200 words long.
Seeing as I'm really terrible at keeping to the limit, it did go over, though I tried to confine it! :)

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Blood Sun by David Gilman (324 words)

My character write-up is on Max Gordon. He has a stubborn streak in him, but then, so does everyone in the world. Though it seems like he does not really listen to others’ opinions of anything (be it of their own accord or of his wellbeing), he does… eventually. His one-track mind plays a lot in the books, as well as being head-strong and slightly defiant. However, with that trait, it never gets in the way of him always thinking rationally, even when his mind played tricks on him, arresting his fears. He wants to protect the ones he loves by any means necessary – and he definitely showed it by saving his father (even when, later, he lost his memory and could not recognize Max most of the time, breaking his heart) and in this book now trying to find the secrets of his mother’s own death.

He was gifted, in the beginning, with animalistic strength and tendencies, for survival; and it partially blessed him whenever he was out. He has endurance and a sharp mind, especially when he had to encrypt and decode messages; and was first and foremost, a brave boy. Psychos tried to assassinate him and wild animals waited at every turn, begging for a kill – but he knew never to let the terror penetrate and strike his heart – in example, was when he had to find necessities from the boat wreckage and got a seat cushion and water, almost being mauled by a crocodile (it went after a stinking deer carcass, instead). He was strong throughout and always maintained loyalty and trust, mostly through his best friend, Sayid. He was good, true and would never kill anyone just because, even though in some eyes’ it was seen as doable. But in the ones that supported him, he was seen as possibly ‘perfect’ just to care for his family and friends, or a nuisance by always managing to outrun mad sociopaths.

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